We perform high quality root canal treatments to the standard of the Polish Endodontic Association and the European Society of Endodontology. Root canals are treated with the use of a microscope, rubber dam, ultrasounds, rotary instruments and an endometer – an instrument that locates the apex. The treatment takes place during one visit.

We perform all specialist procedures of root canal treatment such as:

  • primary root canal treatment,
  • repeated root canal treatment,
  • removing broken tools from root canals,
  • removing fibreglass from from root canals,
  • removing cast and standard crown-root inlays from root canals,
  • removing cement and other obliterating materials from root canals,
  • we treat obliterated and dilacerated root canals,
  • we treat perforations, periapical lesions, excessive enlargement of apical foramina of tooth